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 Electronics / 3G etc

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PostSubject: Electronics / 3G etc   1/8/2013, 4:37 am

Hi guys!

So my first post and it's a question Wink

I recently (as in about a week ago) got myself 3 sub-adult/adult emps - 2x female and 1x male. Love them!!!

My only question at this stage is, (as they have everything I think they could, with extra thanks to these forums..), are they sensitive to electronics/electronic signals etc?

I.e. - as present, their tank is on my computer stand, directly above my computer tower.. there are some very very slight vibrations, which I don't think I'm too worried about - but, they are also just above (or very close to) my 3G router... Do you think this might/does/could effect them negatively at all, short or long term?

I don't really have any other good place to put the tank, and I really like it on the computer stand as it allows me to at least see them often, and is the optimal location in my small apartment to keep them away from direct sunlight, etc etc...

Thanks in advance!

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PostSubject: Re: Electronics / 3G etc   1/8/2013, 3:11 pm

I don't think that would be a problem at all. Keep them where it's warm and where you will enjoy them! Welcome to the forum!
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Electronics / 3G etc
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