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 Heterometrus Longimanus Color Variation

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PostSubject: Heterometrus Longimanus Color Variation   1/4/2013, 10:22 pm

Hi all..I would like to share this specie I had..More than a year ago, I acquired a WC H. Longimanus and made it pop with around 20+ slings..Now what remains (13pcs) are all around 5th instars and it started getting my attention due to different color of 4/13 I have..Now since there are discussions regarding that specie being a parthenogenetic, I thought maybe that difference in coloration is on of it sexual dimorphism..Please check the photos below of 2/13 which shows difference in color..BTW their last molt was last November..They are placed in a delicup until large enough to be transferred to a larger enclosure..

Any comments on the two topics?

1. Color differencet
2. Parthenogenesis


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Heterometrus Longimanus Color Variation
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