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 A few care questions!

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PostSubject: A few care questions!   9/4/2012, 1:27 pm

So, it's been about two weeks since I introduced my new arrivals to their home. I'm pretty sure that they're just peachy. I've fed them and I can't find any pesky prey running around anymore. I also managed to get my hands on a dozen or so Isopods. Tank maintenance just got easier.

A few questions: How long do communal Emps usually go without really moving around? I'm a bit of a night owl to begin with, and my Computer is not far from where the Emp's enclosure is. Since they've gone in, I've only ever caught sight of a claw or two - rarely more than that. I know they're active, because when feeding, the cricket goes in, but it doesn't come out. I was just wondering how long they tend to stay fortified up before they start exploring the environment.

When I built the nest, I gave them three hides. So far, it looks like one resident is favoring one hide, and the other two are living in their own paradise in another hide.

The large grey domed rock on the left, in the far end of the picture hides two scorpions. Occasionally, I'll find that the entrance is almost completely buried in. Then a few days later, the pile that was blocking the entrance is dispersed. You can kind of see that in the image - the lighter substrate by the entrance is what's left of said building block.

The other Scorp is chilling under the log in the lower right. She's done some clear digging, as you can see from the 'C' shaped patch of dirt.

I'm assuming that they're just digging out their homes, making them more comfortable - which is good, yes?

Also - a question on food.

I don't have access to roaches at all, just feeder crickets. I keep hearing that they're not very nutritious, so I checked my local store for some other options.

These seem to be very popular - at least with the Employees. I am curious if the Scorpion would even take them, considering.

Here's the nutrient information. Should I stick with Crickets? Anyone ever have success with these?

Also, as you can see in the lower LEFT of the picture, I may have a small mold issue. It's only around the water dish, and hasn't spread anywhere else. What have you guys done to prevent mold on the substrate?
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PostSubject: Re: A few care questions!   9/4/2012, 1:37 pm

I really like your setup!
Well they tend to stay in their hides just waiting for an prey to come bye to be eaten Smile They can stay in the burrows for weeks.
I think your scorps really love their home. And they normaly go discovering the most when they come to their new tank og new setup - or when you are a sleep, sometimes i stay up to watch them, but nothing happens.. A few hours later and they have been diggin like mad and messing everything up Smile
Stay away from suplements, stick to cricks!!
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A few care questions!
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