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 Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)

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Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty
PostSubject: Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)   Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty4/25/2012, 8:34 am

I would like to share my information about a sting accident occurred to my assistant in Afghanistan, working on a research on the local scorpion fauna of the South of the country.
Currently we focus on the Mesobuthus eupeus, a 6cm long Buthidae, living in arid environment.
When taking macro photos of individual animals within a group my assistant got stung in his big toe. The immediate pain was described like “hot iron on baby skin”. The pain remained local without inflammation and swelling around the wound. Within 5 min the victim started sweating heavily, muscle cramps in the foot, followed by increased pulse and cramps of the heart. The whole body started shaking and the patient was close to get unconscious, probably allergic shock reaction.
As learnt from scientists the venom of the Mesobuthus eupeus shall consist mainly of protein components, which are getting destroyed by a temperature of 60 degree Celsius. My assistant was asked to put his limb immediately in hot water, since no sufficient medical facility was available nearby. He kept the limb for some minutes and could stabilize his body circulation. Heart frequency returned back to normal, slightly increased. The shaking of the body stopped and the pain reduced immediately to an acceptable level, distinguished completely after 30 minutes. After 3 days only a hematoma remained at the locality of the sting.
It seems that the immediate effect of Mesobuthus eupeus venom can be treated with hot water over 60 degrees Celsius. Probably even a shock reaction prevented, if reacted immediately and in time. Nevertheless a medic should be consulted in case a strong or allergic reaction occurred.

Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Sam_0111

Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Sam_0112

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Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)   Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty4/28/2012, 11:05 am

sounds like it could've been a little scary. I pray all is well! BTW, you said thumb, but it looks like a toe!
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PostSubject: Re: Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)   Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty5/1/2012, 6:22 am

Interesting and well detailed report.
Thanks for sharing!
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Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)   Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?) Empty

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Mesobuthus eupeus (haarlovi?)
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