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 impromptu hunt

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PostSubject: impromptu hunt   impromptu hunt Empty4/17/2012, 5:13 am

I went with my girlfriend to her sisters house to get an old rat cage. while there I got a bit bored and went outside to look for what ever I could find. ( previously there I have found a few Hemiscolopendra marginata and a 2 tailed Scincella lateralis). There are a bunch of old tires on the side of the yard that were used as flower planter boxes and I lifted a few to see what was under them. the first was a lo-pro 22 truck tire, I saw a small centipede on it and was very suprised, I didnt expect to find anything so I didnt have any containers with me. I was suprised at the immediate find and tried to lay the tire down gently so I could run inside to get a container to capture it in. as I started to move away I spotted the largest wolf spider I have ever seen run out from the grass growing in the middle of the where the tire had been. I managed to get a dixie cup and some how catch the spider ( which sat in the same spot for 10 minutes while i ran inside and searched for a container to capture it in) this thing is certainly female and is gravid as its easy 2 inch legspan and its abdomen is larger than a grape. after finding it on the first 'rock' turnover, I decided to look for more. I got my g/f, her sister and the kids to help me look. within 20 minutes we found and caught 9 V. carolinianus scorps. we saw many more we didnt collect as I figured 9 was enough. in all we saw over 20-25 scorps in a very, very short time. I plan on keeping these and actually attempting to breed these in captivity as I dont believe anyone really has yet. I know from prior experience these scorps have a long gestation/growth period but I figure its worth a shot at captive breeding these often over looked native species. seems no one else is trying to captive breed these guys so I'll be in the forefront. I just wanted to share my unexpected field collecting report
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PostSubject: Re: impromptu hunt   impromptu hunt Empty4/18/2012, 2:29 pm

Wow, that sounds like a fun time!!! Congrats on your finds!!!
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PostSubject: Re: impromptu hunt   impromptu hunt Empty4/18/2012, 5:00 pm

tfleming wrote:
Wow, that sounds like a fun time!!! Congrats on your finds!!!
+1. Good luck on breeding the V. carolinianus.

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impromptu hunt
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