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 New Tank, Awsome Deal !

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PostSubject: New Tank, Awsome Deal !   3/5/2012, 2:37 pm

I just bought hat i believe is a 15 , mabey twenty gallon tank fully furnished with accessories and a heatpad at the bottom( which ill move to the side)( and im not sure if it works but I think itl be an easy fix if it dont). I got rid of the gravel, it came with a scorp cave, 2 water dishes, one of them a large stone dish, one hard plastic, 2 plastic vines and a cricket keeper for 10.00 at the thrift store. it was still a good deal. Im thinkin desert Hairy. theres alot of algae left in it though. im going o buy a dish scrubber and sanitise it with hot water. not boiling though, and my net dosent work well at my mhouse so I cant respond quik to comments atm. ill get a pic up if i get the time to
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New Tank, Awsome Deal !
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