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 upside down emp

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PostSubject: upside down emp   3/3/2012, 4:30 am

alright its been quite a while since i've posted. i found one of my female emps upside down in one of her hide spots today. she has minimal movement and reaction to anything. my assumptions are its either molting or its about to die. i let it be for a little bit, but i have a communal enclosure with other emps/feeder insects and it seems they were starting to disturb her. Not knowing if she was molting or dying i very carefully segregated her into a seperate enclosure so she could do her thing as best she could without the extra stress. I do know that handling them during a molt anyway is EXTREMELY stressful for them but after weighing out my options i didn't see much choice. she is still currently lying on her back only moving her tail and legs so slightly every few minutes.

has anyone ever seen this behavior before? is it a molt, or is she dying?
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upside down emp
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