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 Crested Gecko Paludarium

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PostSubject: Crested Gecko Paludarium   Crested Gecko Paludarium Empty1/24/2012, 10:49 pm

Here's the paludarium I've been experimenting with....

It's my first one, and it's an "in progress" build. Still need to add plants and get the waterfalls working. I've waterproofed and cut a groove in the driftwood to allow water to flow, as well as added a container to a hole in the log to allow a plant to grow out of. There are 2 submersible duetto filters keeping filtering and keeping the current flowing, as well as a heater. The cage sits around 75, while the water is around 80. My ultimate goal is to get this lcd temperature controller that I bought working with some fans and a heat-lamp to allow the tank to regulate itself temperature wise.

Housed inside are 2 crested geckos until their 45tall is complete, and in the water are 2 pineapple swordtails. Ultimate goal is to change the land substrate and get vampire crabs or poison dart frogs in there.

Crested Gecko Paludarium 407711_10150608384051405_500486404_11473808_1194260660_n

The second grested... He isn't fired up, but you get an idea of what he looks like!

Crested Gecko Paludarium 408053_10150608386111405_500486404_11473811_359710663_n

Anyway, I'll update when it's finished!
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Crested Gecko Paludarium Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crested Gecko Paludarium   Crested Gecko Paludarium Empty1/24/2012, 11:53 pm

Nice lookin' setup. Not that I know anything about Gecko's.
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Crested Gecko Paludarium
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