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 My Grosphus Grandidieri....

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PostSubject: My Grosphus Grandidieri....   1/20/2012, 10:08 am

I found my G.Grandidieri dead this morning leaning up against the side of the tank in a frozen like position. Ive had him for quite some time now, but I am very puzzled about his death. I changed his tank positioning last night including the heat lamp, but the temp degree in his tank was a steady 86 degrees. . . Neutral
Could it be he got stressed from all the moving around and position changed over? He was fine a couple of days ago, very active and eating well.


He was one of my faves type of species. but today I lay it to rest. Sad

Anyone else have a G.Grandidieri? Would like to know what your conditioning is in your enclosure for a G.Grandidieri.

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My Grosphus Grandidieri....
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