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 FS: Rupununi Black Hissing Scorpion - Rhopalurus pintoi - US

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Sam Floyd

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PostSubject: FS: Rupununi Black Hissing Scorpion - Rhopalurus pintoi - US   12/10/2011, 12:15 pm

Rupununi Black Hissing Scorpion - Rhopalurus pintoi Adults 50 EA, 45 EA for 2 + and going down from there depending on #'s ordered and or added to any other stock

These are fairly large black "talkative" scorps, making a distinct hissing sound through stridulation when disturbed

Rhopalurus genus considered medically significant and must be 18 or older to purchase, will refuse sales to anyone outwardly irresponsible, foolish, or mentally unstable.
other scorps for sale ( MS is medically significant and the same rules apply as above)

Morrocan Scorpion - MS - Buthus malhommei 25 EA

Carribean Dusky Bark Scorpion - Centruroides gracilis AD 15 EA, 12 Ea for 3 or more

Caribean Dusky Bark Scorpion - Centruroides gracilis juv 2nd instar + 5 EA

Cuban Bark Scorpion - THE REAL DEAL RARE - Centruroides guanensis 15 EA, 10 Ea for 4 or more

Fl Striped Bark Scorpion - Centruroides hentzi 8 EA

Arizona Bark Scorpions -MS- Centruroides sculpturatus USA's hottest scorp, Xeric morph 15 EA,10 EA for 3 or more

Arizona Bark Scorpions -MS- Centruroides sculpturatus USA's hottest scorp, Gertschi morph 15 EA,10 for 3 or more

Western Striped Bark Scorpion -MS- Centruroides vittatus 10 EA, 8 EA for 3 or more

Diplocentrus spitzeri - 25 EA

Giant Blonde Desert Hairy - Hadrurus a pallidus Big Golden beauties 25 EA, 20 EA for 2 or more

Arizona Desert Hairy - Popular Pet Scorps - Hadrurus a. arizonensis 20 EA

Desert Hairy Intergrades - Hadrurus a. pallidus X aizonensis 25 EA

Kochius sonorae - RARE 25 EA

Emperor Scorpion - Pandinus imperator 10 EA

Black Tipped Spitting Scorpion - MS - Parabuthus liosoma 35 EA

Chihuahuan Slendertail Scorpion - Paruroctonus gracilior 20 EA

Sand Swimmer - Paruroctonus xanthus 35 EA Very Rare!

Apache Scorpion - awesome, rare - Pseudouroctonus apacheanus 25 EA

Rupununi Black Hissing Scorpion -MS- awesome! Rhopalurus pintoi AD 50 EA, 45 EA for 2 +

Black Tail Rhopalarus -MS- Rhopalurus crassicauda 50 EA, 45 EA for 2 +

Israeli Gold Scorpion - Scorpio maurus 20 EA first species of scorpion scientifically described

Serradigitus wupatkiensis - a rarity indeed 18 EA

Dune Scorpion - Smeringerus mesaensis 12 EA

Vachoni Dune Scorpion - Smeringerus vachoni immanis - Rare 45 EA

Vaejovis cashi - RARE - 20 EA

Yellow Devil Scorpion - Vaejovis confusus 12 ea, 8 EA 3 +

Glossy Vaejovis - Vaejovis intermedius Very large, shiny species from E Mexico and adjacent TX RARE - 30 EA

Desert Stripe-tailed Scorpions - Vaejovis spinigerus 12 EA , 8 EA 3 +

............and a few more species by the end of this week



For a full list E-mail me @

Please E-mail me directly with any questions, I'm not good with the pm's and friend requests etc;, my E-mail and my phone are my best modes of communication.

Thank You

-Sam Floyd
Xeric Bayou

Terms of Service, Please Read before placing order:

Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG): LAG is valid on overnight shipments only. Overnight shipments are sent with a tracking number and on a ship date the customer agrees on and a signature is required on delivery. Live arrival is guaranteed on all overnight shipments provided somebody signs for the package on the FIRST delivery attempt. The LAG is VOID when : a signature on delivery is waived, a 2 day shipping method is chosen, or if nobody signs for the package and it needs to be re-delivered. All claims must be made the same day that the animals arrive and photographic evidence needs to be provided with the claim. Replacements, credit (usually generous), or refund will be given once the photo evidence has been provided. NO REFUNDS ON SHIPPING COST, NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CARRIER DELAYS (I suggest giving a day or 2 leeway when picking a ship date).

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FS: Rupununi Black Hissing Scorpion - Rhopalurus pintoi - US
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