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 What to do about a bad pet store?

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PostSubject: What to do about a bad pet store?   11/27/2011, 2:05 am

I checked out a new pet store today and was very very upset at the horrible conditions they kept their scorpion and tarantulas in among other pets. The emp was kept in like a tiny 1 gallon or smaller container with no substrate, a bright light on it, no hide, several live and dead crickets in the cage and it was very cold in the pet store. It could barely turn around in its tiny tiny enclosure. The rose hair was also in a very very tiny container for its size with no substrate or hides and a bright light on it all day.

Is it worth reporting to some agency or something? I was just very upset at how a pet store could treat its pets and house its pets so wrong. I know most pet stores never get the enclosures perfect, but this store was obscene. They even had their front doors wide open with a huge cold breeze zooming in. Have any of you run into this situation before? I would leave bad reviews online but cant find them listed anywhere really.
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PostSubject: Re: What to do about a bad pet store?   11/27/2011, 3:22 am

Welcome to the club. I'm sure you've no doubt read elsewhere about the terrible conditions some animals are kept in. Your best bet is talking to the manager if you want to try to get something done about it, perhaps they're just ignorant, and would be open to suggestions on proper care.

The biggest problem is people are actually buying pets kept in these conditions. The business sees demand, and wants to bring in even more to sell.
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PostSubject: Re: What to do about a bad pet store?   11/27/2011, 4:35 am

The problem is that you keep scorps because you are interested them and want to study their behaviour....a pet shop is only interested in the income they can potentially bring in .. and a scorpion or T that is hidden away in it's hide is not a good seller!..

I'd suggest doing as Sauerkraut says and take it up with the shop owner..It may be that he has absolutely no idea how such animals should be kept and hopes for a quick turnover, leaving him free of any further responsibility....If that's not the case and he basically says something like "It's my shop and i'll do what i want!" then you will #1. know not to use this place at all and #2. Name and shame the business on whatever forums or other media you can find..

My own experiences and those of hundreds of other hobbyists though suggest that these guys are really not that bothered!..they buy in at very low prices and as long as they can sell a fraction of their stock then they are covered.....
Respectable conscientious animal store owners are few and far between.......and may god rot the souls of all the others!

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PostSubject: Re: What to do about a bad pet store?   

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What to do about a bad pet store?
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