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 best beginner scorps

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PostSubject: Re: best beginner scorps   5/26/2008, 6:24 pm

A question in regards to beginner scorpions. When I asked my local pet shop owner what he recommended he said two different scorpions were good to start with. The emp, which is of course true, and also, red claw scorpion. He didn't provide the scientific name.

Anyone know to which scorpion he may have been referring? My wiki-fu is weak. :\

EDIT: While my wiki-fu is weak, my google-fu is powerful.

Quote :
Common Name: Red Claw Scorpion

Other Common Names: Tanzanian Redclaw

Scientific Name: Pandinus cavimanus [i]

Also known as the "Tanzanian Redclaw," the Red Claw Scorpion is among the popular scorpions kept by hobbyists today.

The Red Claw Scorpion is more aggressive than the popular Emperor Scorpion, and for this reason they are generally not recommended for beginners. The Red Claw Scorpion is described as relatively easy to care for, and is not difficult to obtain. Most humans are not hurt by the Red Claw Scorpion's mild sting. Those who have been stung compare it to a bee sting. Though they are fairly safe, they should still be treated with respect and can be dangerous. Even an adult who has been stung several times could develop hypersensitivity to their sting. Children and those allergic to their sting could face fatal consequences if stung. For this reason, they should always be handled with care. The Red Claw Scorpion's natural habitat is the humid floor of the African tropical rainforest. Their captive environments should mimic their natural habitat. For housing, use a 10-gallon tank filled with several inches of moist soil. Placing rocks in the tank is recommended because the Red Claw Scorpion loves to hide. In the wild, they eat insects, frogs, small mice and other small animals. Contrary to popular belief the Red Claw does not use its sting to capture prey unless the prey is considered a threat. Rather they use their claws, this is why they have such powerful pincers and only a mild sting, because rather than poison by stinger they can crush their prey with their claws. Captive Red Claw Scorpions can be fed small anoles, roaches, crickets, or pinky mice.

The Red Claw Scorpion is similar to the more common Emperor Scorpion, however his claws are red and he is generally smaller than the impressive Emperor.

Ah, hah. So, it's not actually a good beginner scorpion? I'm guessing that he just said so because it's easy for him to get.
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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: best beginner scorps   5/26/2008, 6:38 pm

He probably thought it was a good beginner because it's in the same genus as the emperor -- but they're a LOT more feisty, and they don't do nearly as well communally.

If your emperor scorpion stops eating, don't panic.
Be nice -- you were a noob once, too
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best beginner scorps
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