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 Young Buthus occitanus

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PostSubject: Young Buthus occitanus   8/23/2011, 8:16 pm

Hello everyone, I was looking for snakes and scorpions yesterday and I found two young Buthus occitanus. They both measure 1,8 cm. I already have some experience with scorpions, but I'd still like it if someone could give me some useful information about this species, what to feed young scorpions of this size (maybe fruitflies?), and also their housing, substrate, etc. Currently, I have both of them in the same enclosure (20x15 cm), and as a substrate I use sand that I got from the place where I found them. What I intended was actually to help them grow, so that I could release them into the wild later (perhaps I'll keep one Very Happy ). Thanks!

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PostSubject: Re: Young Buthus occitanus   8/24/2011, 8:57 am

Hello handsome

As a rule I feed feeders about the size of their body. They can and will tackle prey 1.5x their size, but thats pushing it. THey easily overpower animals as large as they are.

In your case i wouldnt even feed them pinheads anymore, but small crickets. 1.8cm is not small anymore and my bicolor who are well 1cm feed on crickets size 4-6
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Young Buthus occitanus
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