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 The other family members

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PostSubject: The other family members   6/7/2011, 8:15 pm

I don't have any scorpions yet but here are my non herp pets

My American Pit Bull Terrier rescue that I am keeping until she finds a new home. She is the best dog I have ever had and I really love her. I think she might have a little bit of American Bulldog in her though because of the shape of the top of her head and because she is bigger then most female APBTs. She is about 40-45lb

My German Shepard mix

My Siberian Husky mix rescue. I am hoping to get him a new home but he has a lot of behavioral problems that I can't deal with so I might have to put him in the shelter because I have to many dogs already.

My brothers German Pincher mix

My Manchester Terrier mix

My Chinese Shar pei mix with a dog that I rescued that is now at her new home

My newest cat. I hand raised him from 1 day old because his moms owner did not want there cat to have kittens. It's hard to belive he is ten weeks old.

The red ticked tabby is a kitten that was dumped that I am trying to find a home for. The lilac pointed one was his brother and has been adopted and the fluffy black and white one is the other kitten from the litter that I hand raised from day 1 but he is also adopted.

Three of my cats. The Tonkinese was supposed to find a new home but no one wants a 13 year old cat with health problems so I'm keeping him.

Another one of my cats

Kittens that I took in to try to find a new homes for

My Syrian hamster

My dwarfs but one died.

I have fish but I need to get some better pictures of them. I'll post my herps in the reptile forum
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PostSubject: Re: The other family members   6/9/2011, 2:05 am

you have a good heart.
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The other family members
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