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 scorpion feeding?

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PostSubject: scorpion feeding?   6/1/2011, 2:59 am

how do you invert people feed your scorps?do you drop their food in their tank or feed it directly with some hemostats?
i currently have this cricket annoying the stih out of me and my dog.its been oh five minutes.can i feed them something less obnoxious?
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PostSubject: Re: scorpion feeding?   6/1/2011, 9:45 am

I feed mine with long tweezers. I only have one emperor though. You can feed B. lateralis, B. dubia roaches, or any number of other roaches as well. Start yourself a colony.
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PostSubject: Re: scorpion feeding?   6/1/2011, 10:01 am

Or drop a defrosted pinkie in. just make sure you take the leftovers out or it stinks.
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PostSubject: Re: scorpion feeding?   6/1/2011, 2:40 pm

I do both when I feed Crickets/Lizards. Sometimes I give with tweezers and other times I let them run wild. Usually when I'm forced to give worms I make sure they get it with tweezers. They tend to dig and you never see them again. One of our users Bex had this happen to her and accidentally was breeding them.
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PostSubject: Re: scorpion feeding?   6/6/2011, 8:39 pm

If the crickets start making noise, get rid of them and buy young ones. They can go four weeks before they mature. The easiest way to feed your scoprion the crickets is to do it during the evening like around 8pm when they are about to start getting active. Just scare the cricket into the hide and once they are at the entrance, give them a little kick with ur finger or a stick and ur scorp should just snatch them up. It works every time with me unless he's not hungry...
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PostSubject: Re: scorpion feeding?   

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scorpion feeding?
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