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 Latrodectus Hasselti

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PostSubject: Latrodectus Hasselti   5/22/2011, 4:20 am

Cheers guys

Gonna get some Latrodectus Hasselti soon from a friend, loads and loads of them lol
Will give him back some spiders and scorpions because the redbacks are for free and I'm no taker.

Anyway, someone has experience keeping them? They are still small, but he will ship them when bigger.
I have heard they hurt like a mother.. if they get a hold of you.

Are those stories really true? I can believe Andros hurt when they sting you (they sure look like they will put you on your arse for quite some time), but do these little Hasselti pack an equally strong punch?

I have heard you can keep them in vertical enclosures, not too big and with just sticks in it.

Do they feel comfortable at 27 degrees celsius?

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Latrodectus Hasselti
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