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 11 baby emps

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PostSubject: 11 baby emps   5/3/2011, 12:43 am

so ruby gave birth to 11 little scorplings i counted them all while they were roaming around with cricket parts in their mouth it was pretty i just need some cool ideas for a nice big communal tank for them all...ive been thinkin about doin a big false bottom tank for the little guys but im not sure yet...i can build the tank to anysize as i am getting the glass for free at a glass shop so anything will help thanks guys.....ill post pix of the little guys in a little bit
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PostSubject: Re: 11 baby emps   5/3/2011, 1:23 am

Hi Mike

I should check out Gs' videos. He has lots of Hottentotta he keeps in workboxes, which are already divided into 21 or more separations.

This is babyheaven. Another substrate (coco, you know.. the bricks), perhaps a heating lamp or two if your room you keep them in is rather cold and spray room temperature water on them. Not on the scorpids itself as it would freak them out and stress isnt the way to go to keep them alive. Just generally misting it. If you throw in some small pieces of coconut shell they will be even more settled.

You could do a big communal tank if you keep every single one of them well fed and in a huge space with lots and lots of hides. Too bad cannibalism still will get a few untill they are bigger. Big communal tanks are awesome.

Would be nice seeing you make it Smile
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11 baby emps
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