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 Iurus dufoureius asiaticus

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Iurus dufoureius asiaticus Empty
PostSubject: Iurus dufoureius asiaticus   Iurus dufoureius asiaticus Empty5/1/2011, 2:24 am

Genus: Iuridae

Species: Iurus Dufoureius Asiaticus


Substrate: 3-4 inches of sand/coconut fiber mixture (50/50)

Toxicity: No venom data available. Although this species is assumed to be harmless, I do not recommend handling.

Type of Scorpion; Hides under rocks or in natural burrows. I have not witnessed any digging of its own burrows.

Adult size: Can reach up to 4 inches

Growth: Unknown, however the newborn slings are one of the biggest I have ever seen.

Temp: 70-78F (20-26C)

Humidity:Dry substrate and a humidity spot (corner, hide, etc)

Decorations: Flat rock placed diagonally to make a hide. Shallow water dish.

Communal: I would say no (until someone prove otherwise)

Housing: I suggest minimum 12x12" (30x30cm) for one adult specimen.
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Iurus dufoureius asiaticus
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