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Callum B

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PostSubject: Insulation   4/28/2011, 1:36 pm

Well I have finally got the go ahead to convert a 10 foot x 6 foot chalet style shed into a 'scorpion room'. The shed is in the garden of the new house I am moving into over the summer. It means I will finally be able to get a decent sized collection and have a crack at some breeding which I have so far been unable to do due to lack of space. My bedroom where I currently keep my scorpions is actually smaller than the shed lol.
Anyway I have begun painting the outside today and will get on to re-felting the roof over the next few days as by the looks of the inside it is not completely waterproof lol. It also needs a few panels knocking back in to place.
After I have sorted all the outside of the shed out I am going to need to insulate it. My plan is to use 2.5cm thick polystyrene to cover all the walls as I can get loads of it for a discounted price from work. I am doing this with absolutely no experience in insulation lol so I am unsure on how well polystyrene will work. If anybody on here has any advice on using this as insulation and if one layer of it would be enough, I would be very grateful of it lol. I am also unsure of how to attach it to the walls so any pointers would be great.
My next dilema is how to insulate the ceiling/roof. I was thinking of using a layer of loft insulation wool and then putting boards of polystyrene over it. Can anyone second this as a good idea or have any other ideas lol?

My final problem is how to do the floor. I am going to get a sheet of linoleum cut to size but I don't know whether to lay some form of insulation underneath it?

All the electrics need sorting out as well but I am leaving all that up to my Uncle lol as I don't have no clue on how to do that.
I am getting pretty excited about it all now that I have finally got permission although my GF isn't too pleased lol. But it should keep me pretty busy over the next few weeks. I am hoping it will be finished before the BTS show so I can start filling it up although I will know doubt end up finding some big set backs with the plan lol.
I'll keep updating on how things are going on here and will get some pics up of my progress if anybody is interested lol.
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H. laoticus

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PostSubject: Re: Insulation   4/28/2011, 3:50 pm

lol @ keeping the scorpions in the bigger room--nice sacrifice Smile

Good luck with your project and yes, do keep us updated!
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