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 Drinking water safe puddy/Foam/paint?

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PostSubject: Drinking water safe puddy/Foam/paint?   4/19/2011, 4:07 am

Not sure if this goes here, if a mod feels that it doesnt belong here please move to the correct section, thanks.

Okies since I am not creative at all and I would fail at doing this I instead went out and bought a small exo terra waterfall for my 10 gallon with a female Het Laoticus in it.
I got it for 30 bucks so yeah not too shabby.

It looks good in there, but the problem with the waterfall is that some of the water runs off to the side because the pump squirts just enough water to make it around the edge and it ends up flooding the the terrarium, I noticed this after a few hours of having the thing on and it ran dry because slowly but surely the water that runs off to the side ended up draining the entire thing clean.

What I had planned to do was put some epoxy and or puddy on the area where it runs off to force the water to go down the funnel/crevices into the pool instead of off the side and onto the floor.

I went to home depot they recommended this puddy that came in a small tube size of a glue stick probably that was ment to seal water pipes and there was another one that was ment to seal plastic pipes.

both of which said are drinking water safe, I am assuming after that cures right?

I found a link to it from Home depot

Safe to use?

Next thing is that I need to paint it with some type of paint that will be drinking water safe as well, because chances are the mix I am using is not going to match up with the color of the waterfall itself.

Scorpioo on here said something about Great Stuff foam and acrylic paint? They sell great stuff at home depot, would that be a good choice? the 'block off' piece I am making is only going to be about an inch its just to funnel the water the correct way. I am also not sure if that stuff would stick to the surface of the waterfall already?

Any DIY tips out there would be great, every time I try a DIY it ends in DISASTER, so I actually need people to hold my hand through this lol

Anyways let me know, help would be appreciated. Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Drinking water safe puddy/Foam/paint?   4/19/2011, 5:27 pm

i am pretty sure it will stick to anything and i wouldnt worry about the chemicals if you are only using a small piece. what i would do is run the water when you finish your fix and let the water "cleanse" it and afther you run it for few hours take the water you used out or let it dry out .
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Drinking water safe puddy/Foam/paint?
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