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 Ceratogyrus marshalli

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PostSubject: Ceratogyrus marshalli   3/30/2011, 4:38 pm


These are the most spectacular of the "horned" tarantulas, as the protrusion from the carapace is a large spike that may approach an inch in length in older individuals.
Like their cousins in the Pterinochilus genus, Ceratogyrus spp. prefer a dry habitat with room to burrow.
C. marshalli has dark legs after a molt, a mottled opisthosoma, the typical "starburst" on the carapace, and, of course, that great big ol' horn. The leg coloration is unique- it's more ash gray than the tawny tone of most Ceratogyrus spp.
The spermathecae of females are paired, not fused. They were formerly known as Ceratogyrus cornuatus until 2001.

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Ceratogyrus marshalli
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