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 A.Geniculata for beginner?

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PostSubject: A.Geniculata for beginner?   3/1/2011, 6:38 pm

Hey I've recently heard from some people that the 'Brazillian Giant White Knee' is a great beginner tarantula, would anyone else agree. The reason they thought so is well cause im slightly scared of spiders and like my scorpions I don't try to handle them at all and prefer to watch them, my mates said that they NEVER burrow and are always out in the open, they are also great for feeding as they apparently have "A bottomless stomach and always put on a great show at feeding time".

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PostSubject: Re: A.Geniculata for beginner?   3/5/2011, 1:35 am

I would tend to think the A. geniculata would not be the best beginner T because they are semi defensive and nervous.
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A.Geniculata for beginner?
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