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 M. Martensii LD50 and growth rate

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PostSubject: M. Martensii LD50 and growth rate   2/21/2011, 4:41 am


So, as some of you might already know, I am soon going to get 2 pairs M. Martensii (sub adults, AFAIK).

So, I was looking around for LD50 etc. for the M.M. (I know LD50 doesn't say much, specially if you don't know the amount of injected venom per sting), but there seems to be quite different info in different places.

In one table, somewhere, I read LD50 is 1.75mg, and the SF care sheet says 0.75mg. Then, I found this document , which says LD50 is 2.4mg/kg and MLD is 0.074mg/kg. So which should I consider as the correct one?

I am confident these guys will never get to sting me or anything else in the house, and I know these should not kill me, but either way, anything can happen, and I am more worried about what could happen if my dogs would get to them (30lbs french bulldogs).

Also, what's is the growth rate in these? How long from 2i to adult? And is there an average time known for how long it takes between the last 2 molts?
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PostSubject: Re: M. Martensii LD50 and growth rate   2/21/2011, 12:37 pm

Well venom have differnt effects on pets ( dogs, cats ) then humans. Some venoms doesnt work on Cats/dogs but work on human and vice visa

But i wouldnt recommend getting your dog stung, iam pretty sure the venom WILL work on your dog and might even be enough to kill it. Or make it really really really sick
Allways make sure your scorpions are safe

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M. Martensii LD50 and growth rate
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