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 Secure lids for shelving project

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PostSubject: Secure lids for shelving project   1/11/2011, 10:12 pm

I am currently designing a shelving unit to house all my scorpion species. Right now I house most of my hot species in various containers inside glass tanks but this is aesthetically unapealing. I would rather house them individually in their own 5.5 gallon tanks or 10 gallon tanks for the look. I am using 2 rows of 10 gallon tanks right now in my design. I will also be using heat cable behind so that I can adjust the heat for various species.

My worry is that the smaller hot species will climb the silicone and escape, which is not an option in a rented appartment. I plan on making acrylic lids with vent holds with butterfly clamps to secure it. ANyone have an idea that is easier and perhaps cheaper to make the tanks secure so they dont get out?

THis shelving unit is going to be great. I am using melamine walls for fire resistance, slide out industrial shelving for easy access, LED lighting for viewing, and black lights for feeding times, all on a timer. I will post a picture after it is completed in a few months.

I appreciate any ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: Secure lids for shelving project   1/12/2011, 7:55 am

um we plan to make fine wire mesh lids for a few of ours (not actually done it yet though lol)
bit like the tops of the exo terra tanks Smile

like this...

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Secure lids for shelving project
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