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 For Sale/Trade sorted by Continents

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PostSubject: For Sale/Trade sorted by Continents   9/12/2010, 11:59 am

Hi, in my opinion it would be very helpeful to organize the "for sale/trade area" in order to sort the sellers by continent.

Indeed, for example, I live in Italy and have noticed a lot of sellers are from America and for obvious reasons It would be better if I bought something from the European breeders, so to make it easier (and quicker) to check the closest (closer, ?!) sellers first, maybe we could have something like:

From Asia
From Africa

From North America
From South America

From Europe

From Oceania

or maybe to put together north and south america but anyway... i think my suggestion is clear... Smile

I hope you will like it...

have a good day!

... Great forum by the way! Smile

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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: For Sale/Trade sorted by Continents   11/18/2010, 1:35 am

Current rules say that sellers must post their location in the thread; I can amend the rules to specify it in the subject header.

Adding a lot of subforums just tends to clutter things up.

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For Sale/Trade sorted by Continents
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