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 Mold Problem? please help

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PostSubject: Mold Problem? please help   8/22/2010, 5:52 pm


recently I have noticed a thin layer of white substance building up on the surface of my coco fiber substrate. Does anyone know what it is? If it is mold, would putting a few isopods inside the tank get rid of them.

Any help would be great

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PostSubject: Re: Mold Problem? please help   8/23/2010, 12:51 am

Many people have reports of mold and many report that it has little to no effect on your scorpion. My emperor tank has a slight amount of mold on them as well as some starting to grow. My scorpion is as normal as he always is. If you wish to prevent it, just make it so there is more air flow. Typically low air flow and lots of moisture is the cause. If you just make it so more air can travel threw the tank, it should get rid of it.
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Mold Problem? please help
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