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 Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor

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PostSubject: Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor   8/7/2010, 12:48 am

Hey guys, I posted about a week ago about having a new emperor scorpion, and the tribulations therein. As a quick update, I stopped using the infrared light as often, preferring instead to just let as much natural sunlight in as possible, and I changed to coco fiber completely. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has any super-aggressive emperors. I wasn't trying to stress her out or anything, I was trying to get up the courage to attempt handling her a bit, and was getting more comfortable. I played around with the one remaining cricket in her tank, and forced it to jump in front of her, which was awesome. Right after that I cut up some cardboard and waited until she stopped eating, then I laid the cardboard down on the ground and tried to coax her onto it, she lashed with both pedipalps and grabbed the cardboard, narrowly missing my fingers.

I got the container she came in and laid it down instead, but maybe I stressed her out with the threat of cornering her, because she went psycho bananas and grabbed the container with both pincers again, and I swear her tail moved in a weird way. Think I almost got tagged, lol. Anyone else have this problem? Did I just scare her by cornering her, or is she just a really mean specimen? I named her Mesuinu, which is Japanese for "female dog" and I think we all know I can't tarnish the pages with the literal word there, but it might be fitting, lol. I gave her a little spritzing of water because I read somewhere that they like that (not sure if that's true, but it definitely calms her down) and then I turned the light in my room off and left her alone to avoid anymore stress. If there's a better way to handle them, or if I should just leave well enough alone, I would like to know. And if it's best not to handle a specimen of this pedigree, what's the best way to remove them for tank cleaning and the like? For now I'm gonna try not to bug her for a few days. Thanks again in advance guys. awesome
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andrew saken

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PostSubject: Re: Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor   8/7/2010, 1:46 pm

Mine will randomly spaz out and run around the tank and into hiding like they are under attack just from me walking into the room, and then some times if I'm putting my hands in the tank to do something in there they come running out ready to attack me haha. They can have mood swings with the best of them. My guess would be she is gonna be a bit more aggressive at the moment since she is still adjusting to a new home and all. Also I wouldn't try handling too soon after she was eating, if one of mine is eating and one of the others gets close its all hell breaking loose. This is just my guess though, others on here will probably have more wisdom than I do.
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the lycan mikey

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PostSubject: Re: Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor   8/7/2010, 6:41 pm

dude just leave it alone for the time being...
especially if its new to the enclosure...

if you really must try to pick it up, than place your hand flat on the substrate and use your other hand to manipulate the scorpion onto your hand and gently lift it up...

it might not be aggressive, it might just be territorial....
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M. Hook

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PostSubject: Re: Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor   5/27/2013, 8:50 pm

Yeah my emperor is very aggressive. Is it just adjusting
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PostSubject: Re: Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor   

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Just found out I have a really aggressive emperor
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