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 Different mice sizes?

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Different mice sizes? Empty
PostSubject: Different mice sizes?   Different mice sizes? Empty7/16/2010, 10:32 am

Ive got suspitions ive been sold the wrong size of food for my corn snake, i ask for fuzzies and get what look to me like pinkies but when i challenge them about it they isist they are fuzzies, but i asked for fuzzies once and got sommething that was almost like a half grown just a bit smaller and the hair was a lot more downy thatn a half growns.

So could anyone post a pic of a pinkie, fuzzy, half grown and adult mouse next to each other so i can get a real idea of the sizes, cheers
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Different mice sizes? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Different mice sizes?   Different mice sizes? Empty10/11/2010, 12:41 pm

it sounds like you were sold hoppers as fuzzies what age are the snakes??

pinkies are the smallest
Fuzzies are a lil bigger but are just about twice the size
Hoppers are furry sub adults
Adult explains itself
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Different mice sizes?
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