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 Centruroides vittatus babies help!

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PostSubject: Centruroides vittatus babies help!   6/18/2010, 3:30 am

i made a trade this last week, yesterday i recieved my scorps; 3 adults. one is obviously female and the other 2 appear to be female. one of the scorps showed up with a brood on her back. my big question is how do i care for the little ones? i have no experience with this species at all and i was going to work out habitat details as i went. ive read care sheets on them but that only comes to plan as you work with having the scorps. now i have a brood of 1st instar to deal with. what do i do with these guys? i know to let them come off mom on their own before i try to put them in their own container, but how do i care for them after that? i have a new brood of V. caralinianus (from a WC female) that i had planned on using to build my experience with scorplings (they are common in my area so are easy to get) but now i have some C. vittatus slings to deal with. i have a few days to figure it out, they were born in transit from the source location. the C. vittatus are more important to me to keep alive from 1st instar as i wont get anymore soon or at all. (specimens of the species in general). i have a load of 2 oz deli cups to use for the babies after they reach 2i. any advice would be very helpful, i dont have time to learn from my local scorps on how to care for baby scorplings (interesting note: one sling was loose in the cup the mom was shipped in and i tried to put it back on moms back, it ended up in the substrate near her. she picked it up after about 15 minutes and i thought she w\ould eat it but she tried to place on her back; in comparison, my V. caralinianus found a first instar that had fallen off and ate it instead)
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PostSubject: Re: Centruroides vittatus babies help!   6/18/2010, 5:59 am

Just keep doing what you're doing until they come off of her back.
Then you can separate them into the deli containers and feed them parts of meal worms/crickets/roaches. You can try pinheads as well.
Make sure their substrate is a bit damp as well.

Do not forget to place vertical pieces of bark in there for them to molt!

This link will do nicely for you, from Brian S:

btw, congrats! Pretty lucky to get a nice batch of babies with the trade Very Happy
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Centruroides vittatus babies help!
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