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 Emperor Scorplings

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PostSubject: Emperor Scorplings   6/10/2010, 6:26 am

Hi I put a topic on here asking if my emp was pregnant and some people said she maybe just fat.

I went and checked on her and I saw a few little white shapes on her back i lifted her burrow slightly and
and she moved just enough fo me to see them clearly and they were little scorplings, I only saw a couple so i think she is still having them.
Pics coming soon.
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H. laoticus

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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Scorplings   6/10/2010, 6:34 am

sweet! Congratulations

However, I'd advise you not to disturb her! That includes picking up hides or taking flash pics of her. It's important not to disturb her as any sort of stress may result in the mother eating her babies.
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Scorplings   6/10/2010, 2:11 pm

Do not feed her either. Wait 10 days for the babies to molt and for their new exos to harded before you attempt to feed them.
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Scorplings   

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Emperor Scorplings
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