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 P. silvestrii caresheet

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PostSubject: P. silvestrii caresheet   P. silvestrii caresheet Empty4/7/2008, 10:04 pm

Genus: Paruroctonus

Species: silvestrii

Common Name(s): Silvestri's Scorpion

LOCATION: United States, Southern to Mid California

Substrate: Dry Substrate 2-3 inches

LD value: Unknown not medically significant

Type of Scorpion: Burrower/hider: Has been found in burrows in the wild but in captivity they prefer to dig under a rock or other hides

Adult size: 3 inches(depending on area)

Growth: Medium

Temp: 80-85F But can handle lower/higher temps.

Humidity: 60-65(dry substrate)

Temperament: Can very but usually very skittish. Usually tries to run as first defense (and is very fast) but will sting occasionally*

Feeding: 2-3 times a month(**).

Watering: A small water dish can be provided shallow enough for the scorpion to drink but not drown.

Decorations: They like any objects they can dig under and hide Cork bark is a good light material that will prevent them from injury.

Communal: Yes, only as adults and if given a enough food. They are tolerant and will not fight each other but will cannibalize if given enough time without food.

Housing: Floor space is more important than vertical space but these guys don’t need all that much space. A medium sized Kritter Keeper can house 3-4 easily.

*This species has been seen “squirting” venom. Not as a defense like some Parabuthus species rather out of reflex. If this scorpion attempts to sting you and misses it might spray venom so be cautious with your eyes.
**I recommend feeding any scorpion randomly since they can go for long period of time without eating or simply fasting. Sometimes they may eat 2-3 times a week or just once a month. Do not worry if this happened it’s normal.

Any questions? Please contact me at:

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P. silvestrii caresheet
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