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 A. pococki caresheet ALSO APPLIES FOR Opistophthalmus sp.

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PostSubject: A. pococki caresheet ALSO APPLIES FOR Opistophthalmus sp.   4/7/2008, 10:04 pm

Genus: Anuroctonus
Species: pococki
(Sub-Species: pococki, bajae)

Common Name(s): Swollen Stinger Scorpion, ( I call it the California Boxing Scorpion*)

LOCATION: United States, Mexico. Usually on the west coastal region from Baja California to Salinas, Ca.

Substrate: 4-6 inches of peat compacted for burrowing. And lightly moistened. **

LD value: Unknown

Type of Scorpion: Burrower. Digs extensive tunnels if given the enough substrate depth and room. In the wild they are usually found 7-15 inches into the ground.

Adult size: 3.5(largest male specimen Iíve found)

Growth: Slow.

Temp: 75-85F But can handle lower temps and higher temps.

Humidity:65-70(moderately moist substrate)

Temperament: Can very but usually very aggressive. Hesitant to sting but can deliver fast claw attacks.

Feeding: 2-3 times a month(***).

Watering: A small water dish can be provided shallow enough for the scorpion to drink but not drown.

Decorations: None. But if breeding add a flat surface for mating.

Comunal: No, but for mating purposes they can be kept for small amounts of time.

Housing: Floor space is important If housing one a Kritter keeper can be used i recommend a min of a 5 gallon for 2-3 scorps. They also like to burrow so a minimum of 4 inches of substrate is required. No hides necessary

*not official name but due to claw throwing behavior I have nicknamed it that.
**this scorpion has been kept in shallow substrate and doesn't necessarily need deep substrate but does take advantage of it to make burrows
***I recommend feeding any scorpion randomly since they can go for long period of time without eating or simply fasting. Sometimes they may eat 2-3 times a week or just once a month. Do not worry if this happened itís normal.

Any questions? Please contact me at:

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PostSubject: Re: A. pococki caresheet ALSO APPLIES FOR Opistophthalmus sp.   8/2/2008, 8:18 pm

Thanks eddy, this is very helpful
i love how they wave their chela in a threat display, it's so cute.

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A. pococki caresheet ALSO APPLIES FOR Opistophthalmus sp.
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