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 Odd behavior (I think)

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PostSubject: Odd behavior (I think)   4/25/2010, 12:38 am

So I just got my first scorp, see the topic below, and I just changed his substrate and noticed some odd behavior while watching him roam around and check out his enclosure.
Some background:
When I bought him he was on bark substrate, it was warm enough for him, but probably really dry. I recently changed his substrate to 4 inches of moist coco fiber. I left him in there with his log hide for a night and he was in and out of there and exploring, going back towards the heat pad on the side of the tank to warm up periodically, its about 70 or so around the tank. I was thinking about making an artificial burrow for him so I cleaned up a piece of leftover shop vac hose and put it in there to see if he would go in there and if it was big enough for him( THIS ).
About two hours later he was exploring and I was watching him to see how he'd react. He started to climb up, slid off the side, turned and started up it again, he got his claws up and I noticed his chelicerae (i'm new, hope this is right) kind of extending, and heard a little click and saw him pull back a little bit like he tried to take a bite out of it. I opened it up and took it out of there, I couldn't see a mark or anything but I was just wondering if this is normal or what? I'm pretty sure I saw him do the same thing to the corner of his log hide a little bit later too, just once while he was exploring.

Thanks guys
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PostSubject: Re: Odd behavior (I think)   4/25/2010, 4:18 pm

Everything sounds just fine. He is just exploring. Maybe try adding a little more substrate, 4" doesn't sound like enough to me try to go for maybe 6".

Other than that he is just walking around seeing whats up. Try to raise the temperature of the tank to 80ish, because 70 sounds a little cold too.
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Odd behavior (I think)
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