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 Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue

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PostSubject: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   3/9/2010, 4:37 am

Hi guys,

I'm aware that these two are highly aggressive and venomous and the Sing is arboreal whereas the Cobalt is a pet hole burrower, but apart from that what else is different (eg coloration, brightness, venom, attitude, etc)

Singapore Blues are way more expensive than Cobalts yes?

Any keepers of both out there?? Just curious to compare and contrast, kind of like how a Pandinus is different from a Het?
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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   3/13/2010, 8:32 pm

Can anyone help Roy out on this? We may not have members that have owned both, but I know there's a few here from Column A and a few from Column B.

A couple friends of mine and Lori's have a cobalt, and I've only ever seen it out of its hole once. They also never change out the tank after some bad experiences the one time they tried (double-tanking to prevent escape is NOT sufficient).

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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   3/13/2010, 10:14 pm

We have both of these species.

Although the Haplopelma lividum is a pet hole, when you do see it, they are secretly beautiful. at a glance they dont look very blue, then cast the light over them and they go a lovely metallic blue. We have had both the normal colour form and the dark colour form. The dark looks almost black when you first look at it but under torch / natural daylight they are a stunning electric blue. Average leg span 5-6". they are beautiful T's but you will rarely see them if you provide deep substrate. I have know people keep them on shallow substrate with a semi buried hide in order to see them more often.

Now the Lampropelma violeceopes (or Cyriopagopus sp. blue still used by some sellers) goes through a dramatic colour transformation between spiderling to adult. As they grow, and if you have a female the blue becomes noticeable and is more of an electric violet-blue.
They grow to about eight to 9 inch legspan and when they come out, they are breathtaking. However they are skittish and if you accidentally disturb them they will run off pretty sharpish.
The only drawback to Lampropelma violeceopes is that there is something like a 5:1 males to females. This is because the females are known male eaters! So buying a sling can be risky. If you want a female best to get a sexed juvi. They also need very good ventilation balanced with humidity in order to keep them.

Display wise, the Lampropelma would be better. but they are a lot more expensive.

Personally I like both sp. but it all depends on what you want from your tarantula.
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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   3/14/2010, 3:51 am

Thanks for the replies both you guys,

I actually got myself some Sing Blue slings over the weekend for $10 each (about an inch or so). That's waaaaaaay too cheap I think for 'em (very suspicious if the seller snuck some Texas Brown slings in) but I do trust him, and they look very "arboreal-ish" indeed. (Very limited experience with Ts here apart from OBT, Texas Brown, and Lasiodora parahybana slings, and adults Rosies)

I do hope I get females....I don't ever plan on handling them. The Cobalts, from what I've read, are overrated because they are pet holes really, but I still think they are absolutely gorgeous.
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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   3/24/2010, 12:30 pm

depends how patient you are...both are ridiculously secretive i think. if i came into my room, my singapore blue immediately hid lol
as for the venom...don't get bitten, it's pretty easy to avoid, unless you're digging them out or poking them, neither of which i recommend doing. if you leave them alone in a secure viv, you will get along fine with them.

they aren't aggressive, they're secretive and highly defensive, they won't stalk you or anything, but they'll defend themselves if pressed....and it doesn't take alot to annoy these species. i think most of the time, they'll attempt to run away (at lightning speed, seriously, arboreal t's can be stupidly fast!)

my personal favourite of both these is the singapore blue...H lividum is lovely though.

if your only experience with T's so far is terrestrial, you're perhaps jumping in the deep end with Asian arboreals. however, since you've got slings, you can grow with them.
good luck!

one other word, sometimes the humidity and other conditions is hard to get're used to some dry animals, so this may be a bit tricky, i'm afraid...
i've had rotten luck myself with both species. i think it's an issue of ventilation versus maintaining humidity...i've a feeling especially with L violaceopes that both are vital, but even H lividum would probably benefit from airflow.

oh despite L violaceopes being "arboreal", they do tend to make a retreat and stay in it most of the time, so in my limited experience, neither is great as a display animal.
in fact i've found most T's are rubbish for display, only coming out when it suits them. however, i've found they are always worth the wait.

just noticed you've got OBT's as well, that'll help! if you can keep an OBT sweet and happy (lol), you should be alright with these two species.

if he did throw in A hentzi, i'd love them...but i'm guessing you're from the states, so will be hard to send them to me legally sadly lol
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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   9/24/2010, 4:09 pm

i would have to go with the cobalt! Twisted Evil [img][/img]
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PostSubject: Re: Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue   

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Singapore Blue vs Cobalt Blue
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