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 Emperor Worries

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PostSubject: Emperor Worries   1/1/2010, 9:55 am

Hi there, I purchased a emperor from a local pet store that deals in harder to find pets about 6 months ago. However since I purchased it I have only seen it eat about a total of 4 times or so. I know that they are nocturnal and that It probably isn't all that uncommon for people to not see their emperor eat, but I have counted crickets etc. I have done a lot of reading seeing as this has concerned me since my purchase.

I have tried every feeder i can possibly purchase in my town, crickets both big and small, meal worms, super worms, pinkie mice etc. And through all of these attempts i have yet to find anything that my scorpion will actually eat. I have tried removing places for prey to hide, as well as trying to hand feed etc. I was even so desperate at one point I put him into a large bowl with a pinkie mouse and left them together for about 24 hours before putting him back in his habitat.

I have no idea whats is wrong in this situation but I do not want it to die because of something i may be doing wrong on my part. I very very rarely handle him, and for the most part i believe him to be stress free, so the only thing I can possibly see being wrong is his habitat itself.

I have a 18x18x18 exo terra terrarium with about 5 inches of their tropical dirt, and then another 1inch thick layer of their moss. I keep the soil soaked every day, as well as a quick misting every day at the same time. So i think that I have the substrate kept proper. As far as hides go, there are about 4 different hides through out the tank.

At this point I am concerned that it may be the temperature of the tank that is to blame. I am using 2 of their "Night glow" lights placed in the Hood that is provided, and I have one of their "Heat wave desert" heating pads as well. I do not currently have a thermometer to check the temperature, but I keep my home at about 25c all day round, which is about 77F. I'm not sure the heating pad is doing anything because of the thickness of my substrate, but I leave it on just in case. As for the bulbs, they don't seem to throw any substantial amount of heat. Whenever I place my hand inside the tank it seems to be about room temperature.

Anyways I could ramble on about this forever and I'm sure enough information has already been provided. Any information on ANYTHING that could cause my emperor to not eat would be appreciated so I can start figuring this out soon. If any other info is needed about my setup, or even if I should take pictures of my emp I can get them up here almost immediately. Thank you in advance

On one final note, he doesn't look unhealthy in any way yet, but If things continue like this I'm sure it wont last long
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Worries   1/1/2010, 2:51 pm

A heat mat covering the half of the back of the tank, insulated with a 20mm or so thick layer of polystyrene or anything else you can find is all u need for heat, dont worry about bulbs or anything.

As for the feeding thing, dont worry emperors fast for long periods all the time, noone has any idea why but they just do, my emperors havent eaten regularly for nearly a year and theyre still doing fine, you just have to be patient.
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Worries   1/8/2010, 9:38 pm

Id say get a thermometer,you can pick up one from ebay for 3 here in the UK. I found with my emp if its too hot or too cold it wont eat the locusts I give it.The problem with "feeling" the temp with your hand is humans are warm blooded,what feels cool to us is warm to a cold blooded animal!!
And as the scorp whisperer says emps can go along time without eating,they just seem to do this from time to time for some reason?? lol
Let us know how you get on!
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Worries   1/8/2010, 10:04 pm

by the way, they dont eat a whole lot. 1-3 crickets for an adult per week is more than enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Emperor Worries   

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Emperor Worries
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