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 Vinegaroon Inquiry

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PostSubject: Vinegaroon Inquiry   11/15/2009, 1:39 pm

I beleive I'll make this my third invert buddy. According to Orin McMonigle's Whipscorpion/Whipspider book, they can be kept humid just like Emps but are fine at room temp. I know that TC currently has 1" Thelyphonus caudatus available and I'm tempted to give it a go, despite its diminutive size (about 1.5" ~ 1.75" adult size from what I'm reading on McMonigle's book).

Anyone has already kept these guys ?

Are they as hardy as Mastigoproctus giganteus or am I better off waiting for a possible captive-bred of M. giganteus to pop up ?

Seeing it's less than 2"... would it have trouble overpowering a large cricket ?

Just wondering.

Thanks all.

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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: Vinegaroon Inquiry   11/16/2009, 10:19 pm

Saying all vinegaroons can be kept humid is like saying all scorpions should be kept dry. There's a wide variety of species from a wide variety of habitats.

I've only kept M. giganteus. They're quite hardy and can overpower just about anything, but the ones I kept were a little too slow for some roaches.

I seem to recall that a couple of our members from Malaysia have kept native vinegaroons; perhaps they'll see this and offer insight as this species seems to originate from SE Asia. Very Happy

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Vinegaroon Inquiry
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