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 Steatoda grossa eggsacks

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PostSubject: Steatoda grossa eggsacks   10/26/2009, 7:39 am

Well, I have 11 female S. grossas ranging from sub-adult to adult and tonight one made an eggsack and another is making an eggsack as I type this. As exciting as this is, I was really hoping to get rid of them and now I have 2 egg sacks to watch and incubate. Ugh! This brings the spider count up to S. grossa, 0.1.0 S. triangulosa and 0.1.0 A. cavaticus - all I want to do is rebuild my army of scorps and I end up with an army of spiders (I even tried getting rid of them to Ken The Bug Guy but he said they were not popular enough <S. grossa was the spider used in the spider man movie, they painted the stripes blue and red; not popular, why not?> Crying or Very sad maybe I'll offer him this jumping spider that lives on the desk Razz he sells those).
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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: Steatoda grossa eggsacks   10/26/2009, 11:24 am

I have a few S. grossa that pop out eggsacs regularly. They're kind of a pain, 'cause unlike Latrodectus, they don't conveniently cannibalize down to a few well-fed individuals -- they just starve instead.

I think they're not too popular because you can find them in the dark corners of most homes. Our friend has a few that live under her bottom T shelf and catch all the escaped crickets.

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Steatoda grossa eggsacks
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