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 Caught myself a baby black racer <3

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Captain Dribsong
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Caught myself a baby black racer <3 Empty
PostSubject: Caught myself a baby black racer <3   Caught myself a baby black racer <3 Empty10/7/2009, 9:44 pm

Here is Anastasia, the newest addition to my food bill critter collection. Caught her in my yard recently and working on taming her.

Caught myself a baby black racer <3 7925_1122695995900_1482109062_30286709_3723000_n

Caught myself a baby black racer <3 7925_1122696035901_1482109062_30286710_5133733_n

More pics to come!

EDIT: Been working on taming Anastasia, so why not post progress here. XD

DAY 1: Pretty much left her alone except to feed her. Very alert and nervous. Quick to bite, likes to tear back.

DAY 2: Started handling her, she was very quick to bite and tear back. After handling her for about an hour she was calm enough that I could sex her. She used my hand as a bathroom, however. XD

DAY 3: Was a bit nervous when I first picked her up, but this time she did not bite. Very calm after about 5 minutes.

DAY 4: Fell asleep wrapped around my hand. Typing with one hand was a bit slow, but she was too cozy to disturb. XD Before she fell asleep on my hand, she seemed pretty alert but not nervous. Much calmer than the adult I used to have. They seem to be waaaaaaay easier to tame as babies.

DAY 5: Doesn't seem nervous when I pick her up anymore. Put some pinkies in her cage, but she doesn't seem interested.

DAY 6: Tried scenting the pinkies, she still won't touch them.
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Caught myself a baby black racer <3
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