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 Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion)

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Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion) Empty
PostSubject: Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion)   Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion) Empty2/6/2008, 10:15 pm

U. mordax is a native to the Pacific Northwest and an easy scorpion to keep. This species is slow-growing, taking up to two years to mature, and living from three to four years if kept properly. Keep in mind that their native habitat is rotting logs when designing a setup.

Substrate: damp coco fiber or peat, deep enough for burrows

Humidity: high (remember, they live in rotting logs)

Temperature: being from the PNW, these guys do good a little on the cooler side -- room temperature is fine (some keepers will refrigerate these scorpions for several weeks to a month in the winter to encourage breeding in the spring)

Decor: branches or pieces of wood are best (no softwoods -- the resin is dangerous to inverts)

Preferred hiding spot: burrows or nooks and crannies in logs

Communal: yes

Temperament: shy to the point of playing dead when disturbed, but will quickly "wake up" and try to scurry off to safety -- may go into a threat posture but not terribly defensive (I had one "flick" me with her sting when I tried scootching her into a container but I don't think she connected)

Venom: never been stung, but after reading sting reports I conclude it to be around 1 out of 5. Will sting prey if it struggles; otherwise they will just use their pinchers

An immature female:
Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion) IMG_5415

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Uroctonus mordax (Nortwest Forest Scorpion)
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