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 Scorpion Anatomy

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PostSubject: Scorpion Anatomy   9/22/2009, 10:00 pm

Hey guys, I need pictures or links that show a scorpions general INTERNAL anatomy. I can only find pics of the exterior anatomy, and am interested in how a scorpions inards look/function.

I do have a somewhat preserved dead scorp but I dont feel like disecting it, nor think the internal organs where preseved correctly on account of the fact it's leaking a white substance (what is that anyways?)
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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: Scorpion Anatomy   9/22/2009, 10:08 pm

The best source I can think of is Polis' Biology of Scorpions . . . you may be able to find the relevant pages on Google Books.

I have a "kid" book called A Look Inside Spiders and Scorpions: a Unique First Visual Reference that has some internal diagrams on transparent pages so you can see them individually or layered.


You might find it in a bookstore where you can flip through it in person.

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Scorpion Anatomy
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