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 Is it Molting?

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RX8 TuRbo

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PostSubject: Is it Molting?   7/28/2009, 3:56 am

Hey people,

I have a female emperor that had babies on the 26th of May, (13 Scorplings to be exact). and they all made it to 2Ins.

but now its been 2 months now, and I noticed last week that one of the babies molted out from the old skin and reached 3Ins.! I thought it was a dead scorpling at first when i saw the molted skin on the substrate.. til' i noticed that it wasn't a baby but the shedded skin.. rabbit lol.

But anyways to my question.. I was wanting to know for future reference when will i know its getting ready to molt? What do I observe on them physically? What am i looking out for? hmmm.... because only that ONE has molted, im sure they all molt in different time frame, but i want to make sure 100%. Smile

Thanks SF.

awesome -turbo. awesome
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PostSubject: Re: Is it Molting?   7/28/2009, 5:49 am

More often then not you wont always see them moult and if they are hiding under their hide you wont always see them getting ready physically to moult.

The only true way of knowing its going to happen and that doesnt always tell you! is the not wanting to eat. Refusing food. getting very plump looking, as if in a tight dress that will burst at any moment!

Chances are they are all about to start moulting now so get ready for a lot of moult skins Very Happy
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Is it Molting?
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