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 Finally moved the babys

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PostSubject: Finally moved the babys   5/26/2009, 9:23 pm

So I finally took the babies from mom....Funny I just looked at the date to give thier age.They are exactly 2 months old born 3/26 moved 5/26.

All have been 3I for about 2 weeks now so I figured it was time....Also I think the mother was getting fed up with the babies tryin to steal her food.

Edit: I havent lost a sinlge baby yet (crosses fingers) I counted 20 total in the move and I thought I had between 17 and 20 befor I couild get an exact count

Anyway heres a pics of the aftermath...I was so sad to dig up the burrow =o(

This is the new home

This is the adults tank after I fixed it up

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Finally moved the babys
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