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 Call To Arms: Invert Pathogens

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PostSubject: Call To Arms: Invert Pathogens   5/25/2009, 9:19 pm

Call To Arms: Invert Pathogens

I have recently seen an unusually high number of "should i release them?" threads in various forums. In and of itself, this is not particularly alarming... but the trend of users telling the OP it is ok is quite concerning!

A while ago i made a little subforum that was hidden from public view so that i could work on invert pathogens with just a few people... but i sort of let the project fall by the way side.

Now i see that i was going about things the wrong way... i should have had this publicly accessible from the beginning as i have lost over a year of potentially valuable contributions from all of you!

So i ask all of you now.... please help me to learn all we can about invertebrate pathogens so that we can finally (eventually) have a hard paper full of nice scientific citations to show any who doubt the dubious value to a species of being released back into nature from someone's collection!

The newlly public sub-forum is here: <-- cacoseraph's workshop: The Coming Plague

if you are not already a member of SCABIES and wish to join please do! general membership to the forum is not resticted in any way! there are a few of our subforums that are private... but the vast majority are viewable by all and postable by any registered user Wink
if you do not wish to join scabies, but would like to contribute to this effort you can post links and discussion in this thread in whatever forum you found it in and i will add the reference to the scabies subforum

thanks for reading!
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Call To Arms: Invert Pathogens
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