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 Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders

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Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Empty
PostSubject: Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders   Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Empty2/13/2009, 5:37 am

Dave is awesome to deal with! I sent him an email and we communicated back and forth for a couple days. He gave me a lot of great advice so I could set up my small colony of b. bolivenus roaches...these are becoming popular for feeders, but there isn't much online about them. Dave took a lot of his time to let me know some of his trade secrets and had patience with all my no0b questions geek

He sent them immediately and I got them a day earlier than I thought I would. It is winter here still...packaging was top-notch. Triple boxed, each box insulated with newspaper and big heat packs taped to inside box. ALL 100 arrived alive and appear to be very healthy and are active. They statrted eating and drinking as soon as I put them in their new home and turned off the lights. Dave gave me a lot of adult roaches that can start dropping babies. I had a great mix of all different sizes. From what I have read online, many roach dealers can be stingy with adult breeders so you have to get your nymphs to adults and wait for babies. Not the case with Dave. I bet there are 20% plus adults...very cool and really appreciated. I didn't count them, but it sure looks like more than 100 total. Prices and shipping charges were best value I found and his communication was 10 times better than anyone else I sent emails to the first night I started looking for roaches.

If you are sick of crickets or want a great feeder roach that looks really cool...get in touch with Dave Grimm! These are some blurry pics that don't do the colors and patterns on this species justice. Feel free to PM me if you have a specific questions and I'll gladly share what I know about these roaches.

Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Roach211
Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Roach311
Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Roachm10
Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders Roach111
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Dave Grimm Enterprises - Roach Colony/Feeders
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