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 Pandinus cavimanus

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PostSubject: Pandinus cavimanus   Pandinus cavimanus Empty2/19/2008, 11:06 pm

Pandinus cavimanus also called a Tanzanian Redclaw scorpion (along with a variety of other names) is a tropical scorpion with care similar to P imperator. The only cases of mistaken identity with this scorpion is with the P imperator but the differences are noticeable to the naked eye. Do not be fooled by their coloration. Some P imperators may have a reddish hue in the same way some P cavimanus have a blackish hue. The quickest way I've determined to tell the difference is the coloration of the telson. My P cavimanus's telson is uniform with the rest of it's body. Also the shape of the chela seems to be bulkier and more indented.

Enclosure: 5+ Gallons for a single individual with at least 10 for two or more.

Hide: Something they can bury beneath. I use a piece of wood from the pet store shaped like a cave with no bottom. I've found this species prefers to burrow down compared to my emperors which bury across. This could be a desire for more humidity which I have not tested.

Humidity: High ~75-80%. Keep the substrate moist but not sopping wet. The rule applies that if you wring the substrate it should not drip water. Keep a large water bowl for drinking and bathing purposes.

Temperature: Slightly lower than P imperator. Mine does fine at room temperature (A little over 72F).

Substrate: Some form of water retentive "dirt". I only have experience with cocofiber so I cannot say any alternatives. This must be at least 6 inches for an adult scorpion as they will very quickly become "pet holes".

Communal: Yes. I have heard sources claim they are extremely cannibalistic however I have never seen a problem in a well kept enclosure. I cannot say from personal experience as I only keep one but they appear to be as communal as P imperator. I will not recommend a cross-species enclosure with this species simply because their main defensive weapons (their claws) are far bulkier and further developed when compared to my P imperators.

Venom Potency: Very low. Not only is the venom of this species considered less potent than the P imperator, it is far less likely to strike. Only once have I seen a strike from mine and that was after a good 20 seconds of prodding (Uncooperative for a move). For the most part they lunge with their claws out-stretched at an disturbance. I receive a threat display any time I look into the enclosure. This is a more aggressive species.

Sexing: Sexing is similar to P imperator and Heterometrus sp. A quick glance at the pectines and genital opercula reveal the sex. Also from information received from another on the boards, the male has a tiny "tooth" on the movable finger.

Pandinus cavimanus Photo84

PS: This is mainly from personal experience. Please feel free to correct/replace this caresheet as needed.

(C) Andrew Burns 2008

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Pandinus cavimanus
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