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 Newark show - review.

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PostSubject: Newark show - review.   12/7/2008, 4:35 pm

1) what did you think of it? i thought it was great but its the only one i have ever been too...

2) what did you get?
0.0.3 Asian mantids
0.0.1 Smeringurus mesaensis
0.0.1 H. swammerdami !!!! !!!! !!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy !!!! its sooooooooo cute!!! 2I.
0.1.0 Grammostola rosea... ENORMUS GIRL!!!!
0.0.1 B. boehmei - lil' thing
0.0.1 Scolopendra sp.
0.0.1 Attacus atlas - Very Happy couldnt resist!
.... think thats it...
EDIT: and 2 more spinifer Very Happy

3) did you meet antone from here?
er... i met Leon (Kuma), think i saw lisa but i dont know... too many people with purple hair!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Newark show - review.   12/7/2008, 4:38 pm

holy toledo! that's a lot of new stuff!
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PostSubject: Re: Newark show - review.   12/7/2008, 6:34 pm

1) wasn't as good as I thought it was, less livestock there than at leeds show. However it was good for meeting other SF and BTS members


0.0.1Unknown earth tiger
0.0.1H. albostriatum
0.0.1Pokie Regalis - mine lol
0.0.2aphonopelma iodius (again)
0.0.2 And some other little dinky baby T's that we cant remember the name of right now hahahaha!

0.0.2H trogs
h. swammerdammi
2 x smeringus mesaensis (normal and orange colourform)

Oh and got my kids their first bugs.... some some thai stick insects.... green beans with legs hahaha!

3) Leon and Jordan - even though I didn't realise it was him lol! And From BTS colin wilson, James Box, Andrew fergason, Lee from spider shop, martin goss and a couple of others from BTS who's names have gone right out of my head lol
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PostSubject: Re: Newark show - review.   

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Newark show - review.
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