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 What's your dream setup?

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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: What's your dream setup?   2/19/2008, 2:39 am

Someone was asking for suggestions on AB about what to do with a 135-gallon tank. It got me to thinking about what my ideal setup would be, and I had two main ideas.

The first would be for a Heterometrus or Pandinus community. Do a regular false-bottom, with the soil sloping up along the length of the tank to make it look like a big hillside. There's be a bunch of pre-made cave entrances with at least a few leading to chambers against the glass for easy viewing. I'd also try to put living moss on the soil with a few hardy plants, such as pothos vine or creeping charlie. I'd have water bowl at the shallow end of the tank and a pump connecting it to the deep end of the tank so there would be a running stream. To make tank maintenance easier I'd toss in a handful of isopods and sprintails. On top of the tank I would install fluorescent lights on a timer to keep the plants healthy.

The other idea is for our local little forest scorpion, Uroctonus mordax. An entomologist I know tells me they like living in rotting logs. This setup would also have the false bottom, but the soil wouldn't be as deep. I'd have a chunk of rotting log taking up the whole length of the tank and a few inches of leaf litter on the soil. If I could manage it I'd have moss and ferns growing on the log, with a chunk of the wood removable for easy scorp-showing. To help humidity (maybe without a false-bottom) I'd put in a mister -- cool-looking AND it mimics the Pacific Northwest weather. Maybe a waterfall just for kicks.

As display setups, I'd probably have panoramic photos of the relevant rainforest (Malaysian or Oregonian) on the back of the tank.

So -- what's YOUR dream setup?

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PostSubject: Re: What's your dream setup?   2/19/2008, 6:02 am

To section off 10' x 10' of the basement and make a 'jungle' display with dead trees and large rocks and a pond and house about a 200 Heterometrus community... Yep that would be it, or build a green house out back and make it a tropical setup with over 1000 Hets in it... Keep dreaming about that one, but the basement idea is do-able.
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Mr. Quick

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PostSubject: Re: What's your dream setup?   2/19/2008, 4:28 pm

Mine would probably be a large setup for a dozen or so Emperors or Forest Scorpions. It would contain plants and other things from their acutal habitat. I would want it to perfectly mimic their natural habitat and be large enough so it would seem like they are actually in the wilderness.
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Centruroides suffusus

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PostSubject: Re: What's your dream setup?   2/19/2008, 5:04 pm

Four small trees, Four species of a dozen bark scorpions each, seperated by a lake/moat/stream.

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PostSubject: Re: What's your dream setup?   

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What's your dream setup?
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