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 Heterometrus laoticus

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PostSubject: Heterometrus laoticus   10/14/2008, 3:46 pm

In a long "kritter keeper" (not meant to be their home but would do at the time) with a deep coco fibre substrate. Cling film covering the top but still allowing a good air flow though the sides. Kept very humid. I always make sure that there is water droplets on the side of the tank. Two cork bark hides and a water bowl (now removed)

3rd August 2008 2x Hetermetrus Laoticus bought
11th August 2008 huge cork bark hide moved/pushed by scorpion to "cooler" end of tank. Tank mate outside the hide
12th August 2008 Hetermetrus Laoticus birthing (tank mate under hide too, in far corner)
13th August 2008 tank mate removed (female still birthing)
(Picture taken 20th August 2008, 1 week old and 1 day old)

22nd August 2008 Second Instar
26th August 2008 offered first food item into tank since the birth. Two large locusts in total tonged infront of the hide. Heterometrus Laoticus rushed out, grabbed each food item. Killed and left for her young.
1st September 2008 offered a hopper. Heterometrus Laoticus killed prey and ushered her young to the food.

Now every few days at most I throw in 5-9 crickets all get consumed. All still 2nd Instar and all still living with mother.
Today on the 14th October 2008 they are all 9 weeks old. Heterometrus Laoticus still defends and protects them as if they have just come off her back.

TOTAL OF SCORPLINGS=20+ at a guess from when counted on mothers back.
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Heterometrus laoticus
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