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 Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~

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Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~ Empty
PostSubject: Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~   Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~ Empty2/12/2008, 11:38 pm

Genus: Mesobuthus

Species: Martensii

Common Name(s): Chinese armored scorpion, Chinese common scorpion, Chinese armored tail scorpion


Substrate: 3-4 Inches of dry substrate. I recommend a peat/sand mix

LD value: 0.75 mg/kgVenom Level: 3

Type of Scorpion; Oppertunistic burower. Does not dig tunnels but will make it's own hides. Usually under rocks. Opputunistic climber.(*)
*I added a hollowed out fake branch and they prefered to use that as a hide than burrow.

Adult size: 3.0-3.3 inches.

Growth: Medium

Temp: 80-95F(about 39C) But can handle low temps.

Humidity:50-60(just dry substrate)

Temperament: Can vary from docile to mederatly aggressive. Medium speed.

Decorations: They like any kind of rock it can dig under to make burrow. Usally a flat rock works best to allow for mating. Braches for climbing.

Comunal: Yes

Water: In my experiance these scorpions love water and a small higher humidity spot. I recomend a small water dish with a stone so that they don't drown and let it drip out a bit onto the substrate.

Housing: Floor space is important If housing one a Kritter keeper can be used i recomend a min of a 5 gallon for 2-3 Mm's and a ten for 5-8. They also like to burrow so a minimum of 3 inches of substrate is required. For hides just throw in rocks large enough to cover the scorpion they will make they're own burrow.They also prefer to use a hide rather than make one so try round logs (Petshop kind).

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Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~   Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~ Empty4/25/2008, 2:24 am

Mine is definitely an opportunistic climber. I have a few things in her setup and mine climbs all over the rocks, wood, anything she can. Seems I never see her though, but at least she's happy Smile

In my experience with mine she seems to really like the pet store rock hideout. I noticed when cleaning her terrarium that it was actually warmer inside the rock and on the sand underneath the hollow rock hideout than outside. She absolutely loves hiding out in there.
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Mesobuthus martensii (Chinese Armor-Tailed)~~HOT~~
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