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 Orthochirus innesi

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PostSubject: Orthochirus innesi    8/5/2017, 9:30 am

Hi, I will have a pair of Orthochirus innesi and i have some question. Can we let a pair together year round ? ( In a terrarium 37 x 27 x 20 ) or not ? How often should I feed them? Is sand suitable where only excavator is needed?

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Callum B

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PostSubject: Re: Orthochirus innesi    8/7/2017, 12:58 pm

Hello, and welcome to forum.

I think some keepers have had good success rearing Orthochirus spp. in groups. Make sure you take the normal precautions to reduce the risk of cannibalism by providing plenty of hides and offering food regularly.

This species will burrow, so give them a substrate that will allow them to do so.

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Orthochirus innesi
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